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Insignia Magazine: The Voice of Luxury is a sumptuous periodical lifestyle magazine, which guides and reflects the elegant way of life enjoyed by our elite clientele. On the magazine’s glossy pages, many of the world’s finest luxury brands have found the ultimate platform on which to exhibit their products to an exclusive group of habitual ultra-high net worth shoppers.

The magazine’s design and production values reflect Insignia’s uncompromising vision of excellence and exclusivity and we present luxury goods as almost tangible artefacts of beauty, desirability and distinction.

Insignia has a spectral editorial policy in terms of the trappings of luxury living. This includes high fashion for both men and women: luxury branded clothing and accessories, fine jewellery, and sensual cosmetics and fragrances. Our fashion features reflect the fabulous world to which our clients’ elite status as Insignia members grants them unlimited access.

Other aspects of extravagant living showcased by the magazine include: transport and travel, elite cars, yachts and jets, along with the attractions of exclusive international destinations. Luxury in the home is explored through our editorial on real estate, interiors, grand-design and objet d’art. In terms of gastronomy we savour the delights of international fine-dining, refined spirits and cigars.

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