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Insignia Lifestyle Boutique is an internationally revered lifestyle management service, available only to ultra-high-net-worth clients of Insignia Cards. Providing the most exquisite payment cards the world has to offer, Insignia has upward of twenty years’ experience in lifestyle management specifically for those with the most demanding lifestyles and discerning tastes.

Our team of in-house Luxury Specialists work in tandem with the cardholders’ Personal Assistant to deliver unparalleled service anytime, anywhere in the world. Diligently trained to handle unconventional demands, our Luxury Specialists are revered in their respective fields of expertise. They are remarkably well-versed in the art of fine living. We have intrinsic knowledge and access to travel, fine-dining, supercars, property, security, entertainment, arts, fashion, jewellery, antiques, yachts, jets and more.

Insignia Lifestyle management services have a 2:1 cardholder-to-Personal Assistant ratio to maintain the impeccable service for which it is renowned. This exclusive relationship enables excellent results even at the eleventh hour, ensuring complete confidence in having a dedicated companion who will offer the highest level of service. Insignia handles and fulfils customer requests with the utmost discretion and rigorous confidentiality.

Beyond our in-house Luxury Specialists, cardholders also have access to an internationally revered partner network of World Masters who are available to guide and support with bespoke requests which require the utmost care and attention. Requests such as sourcing a rare diamond, the complete interior design of a property or curating an entire private art collection have all been conferred by this knowledgeable team, garnering Insignia the title of “The Ultimate Wish Granters” by the FT.

Insignia Lifestyle Boutique Online is a complementary editorial voice for Insignia’s portfolio of payment card members, exposing cardholders to the leaders in the world of luxury. The content is carefully curated to allow readers to discover what’s trending in the art of fine living. For more information on Insignia visit our corporate website,