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The magic of racehorse ownership











Record prices for horses sold at Tattersalls auction house in recent years has bought horse racing back into the spotlight, boasted by overseas demand.

“When it comes to racehorse ownership, different people have different aspirations” says Richard Brown, Managing Director of Newmarket-based Blandford Bloodstock.

Owning a racehorse is not only for individuals who move in high social circles. Racehorse owners range from royalty to aristocrats and builders unified in their appreciation of the sport, competition, financial reward and a good time. This is not an investment for the timid, but, if you want to enjoy good vibes with the distant possibility of making money, then this could be well be for you.

It comes down to two options. How much do you want to spend – and the type of ownership. You can buy a whole horse or a share. Sole ownership is the most straight forward option, you are completely in charge, plus you will enjoy all the prize money if the horse comes in. Corporate ownerships are an ideal way to promote the name of your company and build your brand awareness.  Syndicates and partnerships is a fashionable way to get involved with the prime advantage being that costs are share between a group.

There are two reasons for entering a syndicate – leasing and buying. With leasing, the initial proprietor retains ownership, but the syndicate gives a fee for the horse to run in the syndicates name and reap the financial rewards.

In a syndicate, you get the best bits of being an owner – visiting the yard to see the horse train and exercise, cheering it on from the members’ enclosure, agreeing on the horse’s future, and entry to all racecourses around the UK – minus huge expenditure.

When picking a syndicate, the British Horseracing Authority accentuates that the choice of trainer is essential. If stable visits are likely to be a big part of ownership, the trainer should be within a reasonable distance and be happy for you to visit.

If you are thinking about owning a racehorse, new ownership site ‘In The Paddock’, is your go-to hub for all you need to know on exploring shared ownership alternatives at any price point to suit your pockets and requirements. Launched in December 2016 this excellent platform gives visitors the opportunity to search and compare shared racehorse ownership organisations based in the UK.

Great British Racing work with all of racing’s stakeholders and aim to widen the sport’s following, to help develop revenue and maintain British racing’s position internationally as number one in the world.

There’s something thrilling about owning a racehorse. Do your research and check with the experts. With exclusive access to industry connections and the finest bloodstock agents, Insignia are perfectly situated to work with industry experts to acquire horses that have a winning future.

For more information on getting started in racehorse ownership and how to find the perfect shared ownership option for you, please visit

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