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Chiva-Som the world’s best destination spa









Bursting with greenery, indigenous plants and flowers, lotus pools and pavilions, Chiva-Som International Health Resort is a luxury destination spa and health retreat on the shores of Hua Hin. Known to be the world’s best destination spa, it is the perfect relaxing getaway.

Stress can happen with or without us being aware of its full effect. If you find yourself suffering from physical or emotional stress, we recommend you turn to Chiva-Som and consider two of their most tailored stress packages, which offer positive ways for you to combat stress without returning to harmful habits.








Stress Cleanse will provide the respite you need. Whether it is to maintain mind or body, at Chiva-Som, they have selected treatments targeted at reducing stress, including Super Stretch, Stress Release Therapy and Oriental Scalp Massage.

Sign up to the package and receive a Health and Wellness Consultation upon arrival, a Facial Skin Analysis at Niranlada Medi-Spa, Personal Training, Physiotherapy a Skin Haven Facial, an Oriental Scalp Massage, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Facial Acupuncture and stress therapy.

Inner Peace is centred on the simple mantra “Calm the Mind, Move the Body”. The first step is to learn simple meditation techniques through Pranayama. After just a few minutes of this yoga breathing exercise, you will find yourself ready to start turning off the harmful chemistry created by stress.

Additionally, exercising at any level is one of the most powerful stress-busters there is. Private sessions with their personal trainers can introduce you to a routine that works for you, so that it can become a sustainable habit – whether it is Pilates body conditioning, TRX or a power walk.









Longer retreats include relaxing massages and therapies to help you really unwind. For those enjoying retreats of 14 nights or more, a Naturopathic Consultation will give you insights from the world of Complementary Medicine as to how to manage stress through diet therapy, herbal therapy, and more.

International consultants in the fields of health and leisure from England and France created Chiva-Som, which translates as “Haven of Life”. On arrival guests are given a health and wellness consultation where short and long term needs are addressed and appropriate activities are recommended, be it for stress relief, weight reduction, physiotherapy or a general detoxification.

For further details please contact your Insignia Personal Assistant.

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