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Mykonos, the chicest of all the Greek islands. It’s where the jet-set come to play, docking their superyachts in Ornos Bay and heading to one of the island’s beach bars. And with a whole host of snazzy new events, it’s currently at the top of everyone’s summer wish list. The must-attend event of the year?

The Mykonos Biennale, taking place September 1-5, 2017, is a festival that celebrates art, tradition and nature held every other year and is the creation of world-renowned Greek multimedia artist Lydia Venieri.

The third Mykonos Biennale will be Trans-Allegoria. It raises (and answers) the question of the capacity of art to initiate, introduce and captivate.

The Mykonos Biennale does not consider itself in the standard form of art presentations, but instead is a symposium where art and philosophy intersect with the energy of the island. This event is a mix of tradition, ritual, and international contemporary art. It is earthier, a festival, an innovative and progressive location and way of exposing people to all that art encompasses.

For five days, the island of Mykonos, will host an extensive range of artworks, performances, projects and more. The Biennale commissions leading and emerging artists to produce both temporary and permanent public art, as well as long-term community-based projects. This newly-commissioned and existing art in all forms is presented in diverse locations, including unusual public spaces –windmills, pirate houses, warehouses, schools and churches, as well as the city’s galleries, museums, and cultural venues. The Town Hall, School of Fine Arts and the other organisations in Mykonos provide context for the presentation of contemporary art and culture.

Why Mykonos?  This enigmatic, transcendent island has always been a hub of all types of culture and has unsurprisingly attracted a diverse mix of people: from archaeologists, to intellectual purists, artists, hippies and jetsetters.

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