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Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa is Sardinia’s first medical spa and pioneers in the wellness field. Forte Village’s  oasis of wellness will remain etched in guests’ memories thanks to its state-of-the-art techniques performed by skilled hands, with innovative treatments that combine health, wellness, and carefully designed nutritional courses, but most of all thanks to the prodigious properties of seawater that are elevated even further by thalassotherapy, the “submerged” jewel in the crown of this island once inhabited by the Nuragic civilisation, one of the first to establish sea spas in nearby Nora in 1800 BC.

In association with the Italian School of Thalassotherapy, Forte Village’s medical team – pioneers in the wellness field – developed a method like no other in the world no less than twenty-five years ago, capable of intensifying the extraordinary beneficial effects of sea water using the combined action of different temperatures and salt concentrations. The result? Our Thalassotherapy circuit with six pure seawater pools, with water drawn 100 metres from the shore. The temperatures range from 39°C to 25°C and the water is dense with magnesium and sodium which amplify their curative properties and detox effect, as guests follow programmes specially designed by the medical staff of the distinguished Dr. Angelo Cerina. Among the thalassotherapy procedures – made to measure for each individual guest – there are “Heavenly legs”, a sea ‘walk’ with high salt density; the totally unique Thalasso massage, a floating, gravity-free massage; and sea oil cryotherapy, a treatment that revitalises the microcirculation with liquid oil frozen at minus 40°C.








Good health, however, is the primary form of beauty, which is why the Acquaforte medical spa has another special highlight: its Performance Center, not only intended for professional athletes, but also for sport novices and others who want to improve their performance or follow rehabilitation courses to get back into shape. The Forte Lab is the new frontier in fitness by Forte Village Resort. This is where you can test new training techniques, find out how to use all your body’s potential and improve any problems with posture. The specialised diagnostic centre is available to treat muscle or spine ailments with targeted physiotherapy courses, including Tecar, postural osteopathy, shock waves, and the revolutionary Selam, a machine for gravity-free physical activity in water. But that’s not all. Here you will have the privilege of trying the innovative technology of Dr. Pier Francesco Parra, an internationally renowned leading light, not coincidentally known as Doctor Laser, who has developed a high-power laser therapy programme in synergy with the thalassotherapy procedures, to cure muscle-tendon ailments and back pain.













The common thread of wellness here is that the sea rules and enchants all the senses, which is why the taste buds are treated to nature’s wonders too. The spa’s Acquaforte restaurant provides gourmet dishes devised by the nutritionist Elisabetta Orsi. The trailblazing dietician with over twenty years of experience in sports with the Italian national squad will accompany your stay with “fit & light” meals, dispensing tailor-made dietary advice that you can also follow when you leave the paradise of Forte Village.

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