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Manko Paris by Gaston Acurio

“Peru will become one of the leading actors on the global culinary scene,” declared celebrated chef Alain Ducasse to Bloomberg back in 2013. “The country benefits from biodiversity, while Gaston Acurio and many young chefs are exploring the region’s culinary traditions, from ceviche to grilling techniques. Peru has a clear vision of its future in terms of both cuisine and sustainable development.”

Manko_ Laura Gonzalez Copyright D Delmas 14

Manko Paris, interiors Laura Gonzales, Copyright D Delmas

While uttering the name Gaston Acurio in the same breath as “young chef” might be the understatement of the century—he has his name on 44 restaurants worldwide and is considered a national treasure in Peru—a blessing from one of the world’s super-chef’s is perfectly apt. Last year Acurio made his foray into Paris, the culinary capital of the world with Manko Paris.     

Manko_ Laura Gonzalez Copyright D Delmas 01

Manko Paris, interiors Laura Gonzales, Copyright D Delmas

As a cuisine, Peruvian is inspired by just about every culture in the world boasting influences from Europe, Japan, China and Africa not to mention an ancient Andean culinary ethos crossed with flavours of the Amazon. This unique history introduces a whole new flavor palate at Manko Paris. Peruvian cuisine brings together delicate spices and tart flavours. It’s where old world (quinoa, kiwicha, chili pepper) meets new world (rice, wheat and domesticated meat).   

Aeropuerto BD 5257 @Alban Couturier

With regards to the interiors, designer Laura Gonzalez says: “Of course, I was influenced by Peru, the Andes of South America, while enhancing this historic Avenue Montaigne area. The idea was to succeed in transcribing the raw refinement.” Bronze is artfully combined with warm elegant colours and refined materials (mosaic tiles, gilded sconces, precious woods, brass metalwork and gold lattice room dividers). The space truly lives up to its name; Manko is the name of the son of the Sun God, Inca Manco Capac, the founder of the Inca people.  

Ti_ HD 5324 @Alban Couturier

For more information on Manko Paris, please contact your Insignia Personal Assistant.

Manko Paris - Garou - Gaston Acurio - Benjamin Patou @Philippe Brazil

Manko Paris – Garou – Gaston Acurio – Benjamin Patou




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