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Wellness Spotlight: Swiss Medical Network

A leading Swiss medical group, Swiss Medical Network comprises 16 clinics. It offers 1,300 doctors and a wide range of medical services by top specialists in their respective fields, availed to patients on an on-demand basis.

imagerie médicale oncologie appareil technique CMEV - Nant

Oncology screening unit at Clinique Montbrillant

The Network is one of two leading private clinic groups. It is located in all three of the country’s main language regions where it provides world-class treatment, care and assistance to patients from Switzerland and all over the world. What sets the Network apart, is its high quality services, excellent medical and hotel infrastructure and pleasant environment.  

Clinique de Valmont GSMN 2013 (PHOTO-GENIC.CH/ Denis Emery).. terrasse restaurant repas nourriture lac CVA

Terrace restaurant by the lake, Clinique Valmont (PHOTO-GENIC.CH/ Denis Emery)

Also a leader in medical research, Swiss Medical Network has recently made advances in the treatment of Glaucoma. Glaucoma is known to be a silent, insidious eye disease that can lead to blindness if not treated in a timely manner. Dr. Andre Mermoud and Prof. Nikos Stergiopulos have developed a new system featuring a tube much smaller than those previously used, that will not damage the cornea or shape of the eye.

CMB salle d'operation, plateau technique, infirmiers GENOLIER_CMB_Clinique Montbrillant

Operating room, Clinique Montbrillant

Cutting edge procedures like this is what the network has become renowned for internationally. Swiss Medical Network of hospitals and clinics collaborate offering complementary services in a one stop shop-style offering.

Jardin lac panorama printemps bourgeons arbre CVA (PHOTO-GENIC.CH/ OLIVIER MAIRE)

Garden with a panorama of the lake in springtime, Clinique Valmont  (PHOTO-GENIC.CH/ OLIVIER MAIRE)

For more information on Swiss Medical Network, please contact your Insignia Personal Assistant.  

piscine physio piscine patient sport CVA

Pool physiotherapy Clinique Valmont

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