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Clinic Buchinger Wilhelmi Marbella

Fasting is the detox du jour these days. The wellness industry has embraced it as a method of detox as it works with your body to re-programme it for future digestion. Fasting results in a process called autophagy, Latin for “self-eating”. During this period the body’s cells seek out “food” in the form of weak and dead cells, thus creating energy to make new cells. Not only does this process result in weight loss, but it also is known to slow the ageing process, improve sleep and prevent neurological degradation (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).

Photograph by Wayne Chasan

Photograph by Wayne Chasan

Now that the benefits of fasting are now evident, how does one carry-out this diet safely and effectively? Enter Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic in Marbella. For 90 years since its founding by Dr. Otto Buchinger it has perfected therapeutic fasting as a method of detox. Located in pleasant Marbella, the clinic does not believe in water fasting with zero-calorie intake. Rather, it offers patients a gentle yet effective method involving 250 kcal per day in the form of freshly squeezed juices, hot vegetable broths and protein-packed milk products. Minerals, vitamins and other essentials are supplemented along with plenty of water.

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After the fast, involving several days of 250 kcal, is the refeeding phase. These final days allows the patient’s body to re-acclimatise to a normal nutritional programme. Ultimately Buchinger Wilhelmi sees fasting as the body achieving balance between rest and exercise, meditation and action. Patients will participate in a variety of low and high impact activities as well as spa therapies to ensure this balance is maintained.

Throughout one’s stay, Buchinger Wilhelmi’s knowledgeable staff will be on hand to encourage, coach and consult to optimise results.


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