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Top 5 Wearable Health Devices

Wearable health devices are now so much more than just hearing aids. Today they can monitor a patient’s blood sugar levels, heart rate and are even advanced enough to detect pain. Here is a list of the top five available to meet a user’s various needs:

HealthPatch MD

This device monitors the users heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature and body posture. This biosensor has been developed by Vital Connect.


Zio XT Patch

Developed by iRhythm, this device is designed to detect abnormal heart activity over a long period of time. The user is meant to wear the patch for two weeks straight. The data collected over this time is fed back to iRhythm’s smartphone app, using algorithms to make conclusions.



According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “quell” is defined as “to put an end to, subdue or suppress”. This particular device of the same name by NeuroMetrix is designed to do just that to pain. It can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology to gauge the user’s activity levels.


G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

This fully mobile glucose monitoring system is ideal for diabetes patients. It transmits blood sugar level data from the devices sensors to a smartphone.


MiniMed 530G System with Enlite Sensor

Designed to act like an electronic pancreas (the gland within the abdomen that controls blood sugar levels), this device monitors your body’s glucose levels and dispenses insulin as needed. It is specifically for those living with Diabetes that would otherwise require insulin shots.


For more information on any of these devices, please contact your Insignia Wellness Expert.

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