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The Timelessness of Cartier’s LOVE Bracelet

There is not piece of jewellery quite as iconic as Cartier’s LOVE bracelet. The Cartier LOVE Collection itself comprises rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in yellow, rose and white gold, some pieces accented with diamonds. The bracelet symbolises the notion of eternal love in that it’s almost impossible to remove. Each bracelet can only be taken apart with a tiny screwdriver. So popular are these bracelets, hospitals in major metropolises stock Cartier customised screwdrivers should an emergency arise.




Cartier came out with their first LOVE Collection in the 1970s. Many women who bought or received the bracelets as gifts continue to wear them to this day. So wildly popular in recent years, the LOVE bracelet been seen on A-list celebrities male and female, from Kanye West to Kylie Jenner. Appropriate for any occasion, these elegant oval-shaped bracelets are a timeless tribute to passionate romance. Yet, whether for a graduation, birthday or marriage, this piece perpetually beggars the question: how far would you go for LOVE?


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