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Vita Kin: Linen, Embroidery and Tassels

Virtually unknown in early 2015, Vita Kin now puts out perhaps the most coveted dresses available in the luxury world. First spotted on several top fashion bloggers’ Instagram accounts including Man Repeller and Miroslava Duma followed by fashion editors, the label quickly gained traction with the who’s who of the fashion world.

Ukrainian designer Vita Kin takes her inspiration from the country’s traditional embroidery. Called vyshyvanka, this intricate work features bright colours and trendy cuts like billowing sleeves and higher hemlines.

Guilty pleasures… Carolyn Murphy at Ladurée Cafe Paris. Repost from @carolynmurphy. #Paris #laduree

Furthering the popularity of Vita Kin’s wares was the lack of availability of pieces. Kin runs a tiny atelier in Ukraine and it can only put out so many pieces. It wasn’t until Net-A-Porter and Matchesfashion took notice did a few exclusive collections become available.

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What’s so special about Vita Kin is the way it fuses tradition with modern fashion. Its cuts are incredibly flattering as well as offer a vibrant colour palette that is both down-to-earth and chic.

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