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Insignia loves: Natasha Zinko

Natasha Zinko’s unique handcrafted jewellery and clothing aspires to make a statement. The London-based Ukrainian designer believes that jewellery and clothing is personal and therefore creates one-of-a-kind designs.

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Each jewellery piece is carefully researched and several models are made in a private studio before achieving the final outcome. Natasha uses the finest stones and materials that she sources from trade fairs such as Basel, and from her many trips around the world and has now extended her designs into playful ready to wear clothing.

Her jewellery is a play on symbols, familiar or proverbial, but given a new translation. Such recognisable icons like skulls and skeletons, crosses, angel wings, cobwebs, hearts, and the evil eye; to name a few; are reworked on gold and precious stones. The result is a sense of irony and a personal meaning for the wearer.

Natasha completed her BA in Jewellery Design at Central St Martins, London and all her jewellery is entirely hand-made in her workshop in London. Her boutique in Mayfair’s Maddox street is testament to her commitment to this city which inspires her work.

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