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What’s hot: Snolo Sleds

The Snolo sled is certainly no small child’s toy – this sleek speed machine is built for serious adult fun.


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New Zealand based sled company Snolo have taken the old fashioned factor away from a child’s play thing, and made sledding into a serious adult past-time to run alongside traditional snow sports of skiing and boarding. The carbon fibre Stealth-X flagship model is designed to be used on both hard and soft powdered snow, and riding downslope on one of these is a far cry from the gentle descents on wooden sleds of old.

That said, the Stealth-X can be ridden upright and calmly to take in the winter landscape or hard and fast, leaning it into turns like a motorcycle. It is a fun sled to ride, but can also challenges and builds your skill as a rider, rewarding you with an exhilarating and unique alternative winter sports experience.

The Stealth-X comprises three main parts. The carbon fibre mono shell seating, the single front ski with foot pegs, and the front arm which connects the two. An extra feature also allows this model to simply pull apart with the release of a locking nut, and be worn as a back pack which makes it ideal for back country exploring.

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With a typical carbon fibre price tag of US$3,200 it is not the sled for everyone. Though in January 2015 Snolo will be releasing ‘Scion’ , a more affordable descendant to the formidable Stealth-X.

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