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The Fine Art of Collecting: Halycon Gallery on Creating Your Own Masterpiece

From the Medici family in Renaissance Italy to modern industrialists like Henry Clay Frick and Samuel Courtauld, to the more contemporary interests of the Vogels in New York and Charles Saatchi in London, the delight in assembling a collection of art holds as true today as ever.

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Shaman,  Pedro Paricio – Halcyon Gallery

During the reign of the Medici, patronage of the arts and architecture reflected their own entrepreneurial spirit. Through special commissions and the acquisition of works, support for the great artists of their time amounted to a great majority of art produced in Florence during the High Renaissance, leaving an indelible mark in history. In the 20th century, Samuel Courtauld was responsible for laying the foundations of national collections and museums, as well as the Institution of Art in London, following a series of gifts and later bequest after his death. Most recently, Charles Saatchi pioneered a new approach to collecting. His encouragement of young, emerging artists during the 1990s lead the success of many of today’s best known contemporary artists in Britain and abroad.

Those who live with works of art enjoy the possibility of engaging with art on a deep and ongoing basis. The impact of seeing a particular work of art for the first time, and the feeling and meaning that develops overtime for a person can be invaluable. There are as many collectors as there are different motivations for collecting; some follow their own instincts, their own intuition, while others amass works for reasons of status and investment. Forming your own interests and taste for art undeterred by opinion and orthodoxy of academia and the art market can only be achieved by viewing art in museums, galleries, and art fairs.

Diving in Nice La Belle Ernesto Cánovas

Diving in Nice La Belle
Ernesto Cánovas – Halcyon Gallery

The more you look, the more your confidence grows and the power of your first impression can hint towards a sense of fulfilment to be gained from a continued engagement with art. We are only guardians of works of art in our lifetime, and in this regard art becomes a wonderful legacy for future generations to enjoy. For art to be appreciated, it must be seen by more than one person. In this respect, a painting may be imbued with a life of its own; provenance tells a story of being seen and being collected by others through history, demonstrating a trajectory of accumulated a unique story of different lives it has passed through and is particular to its own. For patrons, collectors, and enthusiasts of art alike, the passion, connoisseurship, and feeling for the very finest works of art to adorn your walls is a wonderful adventure.

Rising stars of the art world are Ernesto Canovas, Santiago Montoya and Pedro Paricio according to Mayfair’s Halycon Gallery which specialises in modern and contemporary art working closely with emerging and established international artists. With three art galleries in London and one art gallery in Shanghai the gallery represents a selection of renowned artists from all over the world, including the UK, America, Colombia, Spain, Italy and Russia.

For more information about acquiring artworks please contact your Insignia Lifestyle Boutique personal assistant.

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