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Weekend retreat: The mood-boosting psychological spa break

Spa breaks are often booked when your body needs some serious rest and relaxation, but have you thought about visiting a spa which guarantees something similar for your mind and soul? The VAIR Spa, Borgo Egnazia, in Puglia Italy offers exactly that – pioneering the concept of a psychosomatic spa to leave you mentally relaxed as well as physically.

VAIR Spa offers a one-off experience for guests, with the ultimate goal to facilitate their psychological fulfilment. The art of Alchemy, the “art of transforming oneself”, is at the centre of this luxurious spa concept.


Authentic treatments and programmes are tailor made so that guests leave the psycho-emotional Wellness Spa feeling energized, stronger and healthier. All products, food, objects, music and even the personnel are strictly ‘Made in Italy’. Traditions from the region are given contemporary twists to give a unique and life-changing wellbeing experience. There are a number of treatment courses you can choose depending on your requirements and alongside beauty therapists the unique spa includes a team of dancers, actors, psychologists and musicians to help raise the spirits.

It’s no secret that a healthy personal body image aids a healthy and happier mind, and the Fùre Sport & Spa for connoisseurs programme is a 6 day unconventional fitness course at VAIR providing a transforming experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The programme encourages guests to join a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences to enhance energy, wellbeing and happiness.


A typical day in the Fùre 6 day programme includes:

  • Consultation with a local expert sports physician and dietician
  • 9-11am outdoor workout with trainer – Low intensity and High intensity can be chosen depending on ability
  • Non-conventional fitness activity for both body and mind – knife dancing, juggling or ethnic dance
  • Alternate between floating in saltwater, detox spa treatments, relaxing sports massage, yoga or rebalancing treatments
  • Costs:   €1,350 6 day spa programme. Accommodation starts from €220 per night

For more information about the services and treatments at the Vair Spa, Borgo Egnazia visit the website or contact your Insignia Lifestyle Boutique personal assistant.

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