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Top 10 new spa treatments for 2014

Pamper your mind, body and soul with these hot new luxury spa treatments for 2014.

Cafe Royal Hotel - Akasha - Treatment Room
Image source: Akasha spa at the Café Royal Hotel

1. Active 99.0 Facial
Bliss Spa’s brand new 10-step multi-layer anti-aging facial works to firm, smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and discolouration, helping skin look years younger in less than two hours. A skin-refining microdermabrasion session, toning technology, a professional-strength peel, pore-purging extractions, and a layering of bliss spa’s exclusive professional-grade active-filled 99.0 formulas will ensure you leave fresh faced.

Available at: Bliss Fort Lauderdale at W Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2. Rebirth Therapy
Performed in a pool of warm water, this contemporary healing therapy focuses on meditation and relaxation with the healing power of water. As a therapist guides you through a serious of soft, rhythmic movements that relax the mind, muscle tissue, and joints, physical and emotional tension are released, revitalising and rejuvenating your entire being.

Available at: Ohtli Spa at the CasaMagna Marriot Puerto Vallarta Resort – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

3. Fire Opal Balancing Stone Therapy
This treatment cleanses the body and spirit through placement of healing Mexican fire opals, which are said to stimulate circulation and provide energy during stressful times. As the opals transfer their positive energy through your body, the therapist uses smooth warm basalt stones to provide a deeply relaxing massage.

Available at: Ohtli Spa at the CasaMagna Marriot Puerto Vallarta Resort – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

4. Vitamin Infusion Facial
Renew sun-damaged skin with this treatment, consisting of a pumpkin warming mask and advanced products that work naturally to deliver nutrients deep into your skin to improve acne, redness, dryness, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Available at: Mirbeau Inn & Spa – Skaneateles, New York

5. Watsu
The Watsu pool is an exclusive treatment space dedicated to water therapy. The pool is heated to an optimum temperature to enable relaxation and a journey into your inner-self, body and soul. Your body is continuously supported in water for a feeling of weightlessness while you are floated, cradled, rocked and stretched and a combination of Shiatsu therapy and massage is performed. Floating encourages you to enjoy primeval reflexes that evoke serenity, tranquillity and calm. Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical flowing movements, which will free your body in ways impossible on land.

Available at: Akasha Spa at London Café Royal Hotel

6. Niu Coconut Muscle Relief
Sitting on what used to be a Hawaiian coconut grove long before the islands were developed, Spa Grande now offers this powerful detoxification process enhancing lymphatic drainage, circulation, and cell regeneration. After raw coconut fibers are brushed along skin, massage is performed with pure coconut oil to moisturise the skin and relieve painful inflammation, while the gliding of coconut shells releases tension to both the superficial and deep layers of muscle.

Available at: Spa Grande at Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort– Maui, Hawaii

7. Abeille Royale Youth Facial & Aqua-Serum Face Mask
Guerlain Spa’s newly launched Abeille Royale Youth Facial features the new “firmness-boosting” Abeille Royale Youth Face Treatment Oil, which hydrates while simultaneously improving skin elasticity to give it a more refreshed look. Additionally, the spa’s Aqua-Serum Face Mask is recommended as a treatment add-on (also available in eye-patches) to completely replenish the face while encouraging drainage and preventing dark circles. Together, the treatments revitalise skin-tone and improve texture to reveal fresh, youthful skin. You can also enjoy the expanded skincare treatment menu, which emphasises the cutting-edge ingredient Gold Orchid, for anti-aging cell optimisation.

Available at: Guerlain Spa at The Waldorf Astoria New York – New York, New York

8. Cellular Detoxifying Back Treatment
Men will especially benefit from this intensive treatment, beginning with an exfoliation and mask application to hydrate and pamper this often overlooked area, alongside a heavenly foot and hand massage. This treatment can also be coupled with Dermashine, a 45-minute cell renewal peeling with lifting effects.

Available at: Cavalieri Grand Spa Club at Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort – Rome, Italy

 9. The Monarch
The cure for too much fun in the Big Easy is this stimulating and detoxifying treatment. Dry body brushing is followed by a sedating massage using aromatherapy oils. The spa goer is then cocooned in layers to assist the body in eliminating unwanted toxins, while enjoying a lavish head and scalp massage. You’ll be back to the good times in no time.

Available at: Windsor Court Hotel– New Orleans, Louisiana

10. Mirbeau Kurs
This three-step treatment with centuries-old rituals of renewal is comprised of exercise, proper nutrition, peace of mind and care of the face and body. Including an invigorating and detoxifying Cabernet scrub followed by an aromatic red vine bath, a relaxing and nourishing fresh grape massage finishes the treatment to leave skin nurtured and moisturised.

Available at: Mirbeau Inn & Spa – Skaneateles, New York

For further information on any of the above mentioned spa breaks, contact your Insignia Lifestyle Boutique personal assistant.

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