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Top 5 social media resolutions for a happier new you

More and more phycologists and university researchers are in agreement that we are more stressed than ever, a constant anxiety in part caused by continuously being ‘plugged in’ to digital devices for both work and personal purposes. Most notably, social media.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 14.32.51Image source: Kristina Bazan Instagram

This addiction to technology is sometimes why it takes a dedicated move to take time out to relax and regroup. Ideally in the form of a desert island holiday to allow you to completely cut yourself off from the wired world and spend quality time with your own thoughts and feelings with the aim to slowly relax back into the real you.

Being ‘plugged in’ is genuinely a hard habit to kick, because when we are suddenly without the constant stream of information which we are used to, we immediately feel boredom. We have completely forgotten how to entertain ourselves in our down time, leading to a vicious circle of logging back on.

If you don’t have the luxury of taking time out for that desert island break just yet, try our simple social media resolutions which might help you to better manage and enjoy social media once more.

1. Be selective
Choose your social media wisely. LinkedIn is an essential, Facebook a great way to interact with old and close friends. Ask yourself truthfully, how many social sites do you need? If updating your Pinterest board starts to feel like hard work, it’s time to take a break from it.

2. Streamline your feed
Use the ‘lists’ feature on Facebook to organise and streamline what you see in your feed. Edit your friends and likes. Over saturation of information can lead to stress, you don’t want to be bombarded with information you don’t need or care about.

3. Log out on mobile devices
Log out of all social media accounts on your smartphone. The time it takes to log back in will reduce the temptation to quickly check your social media on the go.

4. Get into a routine
Get into the habit of checking your social media at certain times. That could be once a week if you are particularly restrained, or at the beginning and or, end of the day. A routine will help to control your time better.

5. Find a fun hobby
Social media is not the cause of anxiety or depression but boredom. We like to be engaged at all times hence the addiction. Distraction keeps us from being bored so, when you have down time do something that isn’t digital related. Read a book or magazine, cook, exercise. The start of a New Year is the perfect time to begin a new hobby and embrace the all new, more relaxed you.

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