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Top 5 fun ways to get fit

Why slog it out alone in the gym when there are so many fun ways to get yourself in shape?  We’ve found 5 fun ways to get fit, that should keep your attention long enough to see some results…and there’s not a treadmill or a bootcamp in sight.

Anna Karides and Nat Van Schalkwyk

AcroYoga: Anna Karides and Nat Van Schalkwyk (

 Water Cycling

Cycling and swimming might sound like polar opposites but new water cycling classes blend the two harmoniously into an refreshing workout. Stationary bicycles are submerged in a pool, you take a seat and strap your feet to the pedals. More than just cycling – you also work abs, and arms. Apparently Beyonce gave this a spin as part of her baby-weight loss routine.

London: Aquallure, Pimlico



Acroyoga will turn your world upside. Literally. Blending the wisdom of yoga, the power of acrobatics and the tender touch of thai massage, this is a fabulous fun way to connect your mind, body and spirit. Besides engaging just about every muscle in your body, classes also cultivate trust, playfulness, and community as they combine yoga asana sequences, partner yoga, assisted inversions and partner stretching.

London & Worldwide: AcroYoga


Jumping Fitness

Increasing cardio-vascular fitness and muscle tone, Jumping Fitness’s Group classes set to music, are a low impact way to transform your body, while you bounce away on your own mini trampoline.

London: Jumping Fitness Islington


’80s Aerobics

What could be more fun (and hilarious) than learning the dance routines from your favourite 80s hits? Besides the obvious benefits of calorie burning and improved muscle tone, busting out your new moves improves your memory and is great for your heart. Slide into your loudest leotard and leg warmers to really look the part while you get into your groove.

London: Frame, Shoreditch


Rock climbing

If you’re looking for an activity to take you from zero to hero using nothing but your own hands and feet, then scaling a climbing wall could take you to new heights. Climbing is a great way to build your back, biceps, and forearms, and it works your core like crazy. And climbing’s not all about braun and big muscles – you’ll have your balance and your brain challenged by planning new routes and tackling overhangs and traverses. All while hanging by your fingertips.

London: The Arch, Bermondsey


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