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New Year Cleansing With Wild Nutrition

Looking for a way to kick start 2014 and to get your self back into pre-festive season form? Wild Nutrition has launched Total Cleanse – a 28 day program perfect for recalibration and recovery after the season of overindulgence. The unique food-state vitamin and mineral programme is supported by an easy to follow eating plan that goes beyond a faddy detox or a weekend of juicing.

LR-Henrietta-Norton-shot-1 We visited Wild Nutrition creator and co-founder Henrietta Norton, at her clinic at Grace Medical Clinic, Belgravia to learn more.

Q .What are the benefits of the cleanse?

A. One of the many benefits of a detox is breaking that physiological dependence on things like caffeine and sugar. I formulated this cleanse to work on the liver and gut – our body’s most important organs of detoxification – by combining a supplement plan and a complete 28 day food plan. I use a functional medical approach in my work as a nutritional therapist, working on the biochemistry and cellular health of bodies from the root up. As a result of detoxification the cleanse also stabilises hormone imbalances, helps you maintain a healthy weight and promotes increased energy. What I see a lot in clinic is women with adrenal fatigue, PMS, hormonal problems and conditions like endometriosis – which is contributed to by a compromised ability to detoxify effectively. The cleanse also excellent for treating all of these.

Q. How will I feel?

A. By the end people feel brilliant and report a significant increase in their energy levels, but it’s usual to feel slightly groggy for the first few days  as the body gets used to no longer relying on sugar and caffeine. From the start people notice their digestion improving, and after day five people find that they have much more energy, are sleeping much better, have improved skin hair and nails. It has knock on effect on the whole body. The most important thing clinically for women is it regulates menstruation, reduces cramping and PMS and hormonal imbalances.

Q. What inspired Wild Nutrition?

A. During my ten years working as a nutritionist and doing research and development work for various food supplement companies, I became increasingly despondent with what I saw was going into the products and began realising that if people are taking standard supplements to heal the body, then they’re also taking high doses of chemicals. I discovered the food state process that they use in America, while I was researching for my book about endometriosis – the process has been around in the USA since the ‘70s and basically involves formulating a nutrient in a plant compound so its actually in a food form. It’s extraordinary – there’s fantastic evidence behind it as being better absorbed by the body, better retained, better metabolised, and therefore you need much lower doses – it’s a much gentler approach and no chemicals at all. I started to put together a few formulations to sit along side the book and it snowballed into the growth of Wild Nutrition, which my husband Charlie now works on as well.

Q. When is the best time to cleanse?

There are great body benefits of cleansing seasonally. Post festive season is obviously a great time as most of us tend to have overindulged and need a helping hand to get out of bad habits.


The Total Cleanse retails at £85 and can be ordered online at the Wild Nutrition website.

For more information contact your Insignia Lifstyle Boutique personal assistant.

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