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Dr Murad’s Top Winter Skincare Tips

Should our skincare change with the seasons? We asked skincare expert and dermatologist Dr Murad for his advice.

Dr Murad

“Winter air is generally dryer, so we need richer moisturisers than in summer.” Says Murad. “We also need to repair damage from the summer, as chances are we have accumulated a little extra pigmentation and sun damage. Vitamin C is a super antioxidant – it brightens skin and is associated with encouraging collagen production. There are benefits in both ingesting and applying topically.”

In fact, no matter the weather, protecting skin from the sun should be a year round concern according to Murad. “Although defending yourself from sunburn causing UVB rays is more necessary over the summer, winter sun still has the UVA rays which cause collagen breakdown and wrinkles all year round”. And it’s not just sunshine we should consider shielding our skin from – we’re exposed to pollution, smog, wind, heat, and cold – all damaging to our skin, and all of which we can protect from.

Hydration is equally important – not just what you put on your skin, but what you put in your mouth – and according to Murad that means thinking beyond the guzzling gallons of water.  “The best way to hydrate is with water rich foods. Cucumber is 97% water, so a 3 oz. cucumber is essentially 3 oz. of water, but because it comes in the structure of the cucumber it’s gradually released.” Are you thirsty even when you drink 8 glasses a day? Murad’s theory is that happens because the water goes right through us, whereas eating our water doesn’t allow that to happen.

Staying active over winter is his final piece of advice. “Exercise builds muscle and muscle is 70% water. Fat is only 10 % water.” reminds Murad. Makes sense – more muscles means more water holding capacity for our bodies and higher hydration levels.

And if you still need convincing to take better care of your skin, remember that skin is connected to the rest of the body – so damaged skin can allow pollutants, microbes, free radicals and other nasties to penetrate our blood stream and cause damage that isn’t just skin deep.

Murad Pore and Line Minimising Hydrator


Moisturising with Murad:

Murad has just launched their RepleniCell line with Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator. Murad’s RepleniCell technology separates their performance from other skincare products – that contain water merely to hold the other ingredients rather than to hydrate the skin – by turning the water in products into hydrating skincare. ‘Replenicell‘ water is pre-infused with Murad’s cocktail of clever water loving molecules called osmolites and with amino acids which stimulate the skin’s aquaporins – the water channels which allow moisture to come in or out of the cell. With the addition of botanicals, humectants and good oils, Murad has created a product that’s 100% effective in driving moisture into the skin.

Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator launched this October. You can find out more and locate your nearest stockist on the Murad website.


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