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Oenotherapy at the Sani Resort, Greece

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation package with wine inspired spa treatments at the Sani Resort in Greece.

Sani Resort Greece
The new wine inspired healing Oenotherapy treatments have been carefully prepared by bespoke beauty brand Anne Semonin. These soothing therapies use the powerful anti-oxidant properties of red wine grapes. Containing 20 times more anti-oxidants then Vitamin C and 50 times more than Vitamin E, the polyphenols contained in the seeds, skin and leaves of these special grapes prevent the decay of cells whilst energising and detoxifying the skin.

Other treats on the Oenotherapy menu include the revitalising body exfoliation Le Vintage, anti-ageing body cocooning Le Selection du Sommelier, the Le Cuvee Speciale pampering pumices massage and the Le Grand Cu ­­– a complete two and a half hour experience commencing with a soothing, essential oil footbath, body exfoliation, anti-aging body wrap and concluding with a pumice massage that can be enjoyed with a glass of fresh grape juice or wine.

The Anne Semonin Oenotherapy Rituals Collection is available at all three Sani Resort spas. Please visit the website for further information or reservations.

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