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The Famous Grouse creates bespoke cocktail menu for the Coronation Festival

In preparation for attending the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace, The Famous Grouse, a royal warrant holder, has concocted a set of three cocktails to delight those in attendance. Each cocktail has been specially created to represent three of the Queen’s royal households in Scotland:

The Famous Grouse Highland Fling

A Highland Fling – inspired by the royal family’s summer residence Balmoral, this fresh and fruity drink is made of blackberries, honey liqueur, a double measure of The Famous Grouse, finished with lemonade or soda and a sprig of heather.

The Famous Grouse Order of the Thistle

Order of the Thistle – a delightfully invigorating cocktail served in a traditional tea cup, this one was inspired by the royal garden parties held at Holyrood Palace. It’s  made up of a double measure of The Famous Grouse infused with earl grey tea, stacked with crushed ice and topped up with ginger cordial.

The Famous Grouse Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen – taking influence from the well known parties and fireworks of the Glamis Castle, a favourite residence of the late Queen Mother, this colourful drink also includes a double measure of The Famous Grouse, summery elderflower cordial, a dash of orange bitters and sparkling wine.

For more information visit The Famous Grouse page on the Coronation Festival’s website.

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