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The Top 10 Luxury Water Toys

With summer in full swing and everyone flocking to the beach, we wanted to showcase some of the more creative and unconventional water toys out there. Wave good bye to your snorkel and flippers, as this selection of flamboyant water toys will have you diving, soaring and hovering among the waves.

1. The Jetlev Flyer JF-260

JetLev Flyer

With the Jetlev Flyer you can hover up to 30 metres in the air and soar across the water at over 20 mph with a powered jet pack making you look somewhat like an aquatic version of Iron Man. The carbon fibre JF-260 flagship model uses a high performance 260 hp four stroke water repulsion marine engine to achieve stable and controlled flights whilst a twin seat jetpack variant means you can take someone along with you for the thrill ride.

2. The Powerski Jetboard

PowerSki JetBoard

Why wait for the tide when you can make your own waves with the Powerski Jetboard, a motorised surfboard. This surfboard/jet ski hybrid can hit speeds in excess of 40 mph and is designed for all bodies of water from a still lake to a choppy wave on the high seas. The latest Igniter 360 model develops the Powerski Jetboards revolutionary G-Force ability to hold the rider firmly in position whilst leaning into high-speed turns and is lighter than previous models allowing more flexibility to get airborne and make some sweet jumps.

3. The Seabreacher X

Seabreacher X

The Seabreacher X by Innespace is an underwater observational speedboat shaped and designed like a life sized shark. Other models include The Seabreacher Y resembling an orca whale and the dolphin inspired Seabreacher J. Each vessel is custom built to the purchaser’s individual requirements allowing for personalised interior preferences or exterior bespoke design. It can hit speeds of up to 55 mph on the surface and dive under the surface meaning your ride can be as mild or wild as you like. You can even modify your engine’s horsepower to compete in exclusive seabreacher races.

4. The Jetovator


The Jetovator is an innovative combination of water propelled power jet and jet ski so you can hover, fly and ride the waves all with one impressive piece of kit – it will even dunk you into the ocean if you like a bit of rough and tumble. The Jetovator features two front nozzle water thrusts giving more flexibility for manoeuvre than traditional jet flyers with a simple operation set-up which is easy for all to use after a short 20-minute induction.

5. SeaBob F7

Seabob F7

The SeaBob is a water diving scooter that is somewhere between a jet ski and a body board. The F7 model is the most powerful and technologically advanced to date and a limited edition of 500 with an Opus Chrome coating adds some eye-popping prestige. The SeaBob uses an electric impeller jet motor with four power levels to take you across the surface at various speeds. Its power-to-weight ratio means that you can also glide underwater with ease. You can choose to make quick dives under the water or gear up with some scuba equipment for a different way to observe the world under the sea.

6. JetSurf


A bit like Ronseal, this does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a surf board with a two-stroke jet engine. The boards come in three models: Pro Race for the professionals, Factory for beginners and Ultra Sport which is a modified version of Factory with added extras. Each board is handcrafted with ultra-light carbon and Kevlar and is luggage friendly; not only will it fit in a regular sized suitcase, it will only weigh 14kg.

7. Subwing


The subwings are two boards connected by a rotatable swivel which allows you to experience the sensation of flying underwater. Whilst being towed you can manipulate the wings to perform rolls or simply skim along the surface observing the ocean bed below. An accessory allows a camera to be attached, perfect for capturing marine life in its natural habitat. The wings loosely resemble a mantra ray which is exactly how you’ll feel as you glide through the water in style.

8. Kayacht Electric Fun Boat

Kayacht Electric Fun Boat

This two-seater electric kayak and yacht hybrid is a real family favourite. As more and more lakes are being designated ‘electric only’ this Kayacht Electric Fun Boat fits the bill: it’s cheap to run and has no nasty gas, fumes or pollution. The battery lasts for up to eight hours, which is more than enough for a day of fun packed adventures. There is also an electric squirt cannon that fires up to thirty five feet, so get two or more together and you can enjoy a water war with your rivals.

9. Flynano


Following a test flight last year, the first production series of the Flynano is currently underway. Thirty five are due to be rolled out by the end of this year but have already sold out, so you might want to put your name down early to be in line to receive one of the next batch. The Flynano is a sea boat that allows you to soar into the skies as free as a bird. As the vessel is less than 70 kg you may not even need an aviation license depending on local jurisdiction. The rudder is pedal controlled whilst a twist throttle is controlled with a hand stick like in any regular airplane.

10. Triton 3300/2

Triton 3300/2

With the Triton 3300/2 Personal Submarine, so titled as it can explore depths up to 3,300 feet below sea level, you’ll feel like James Cameron as you plummet into the abyss to observe an environment only a handful in the world have ever witnessed first-hand. Even at incredible depths the Triton 3300/2 will retain surface pressure making your journey comfortable and pleasant. There are also a number of accessories available to cater for any need from treasure hunting, scientific research and wildlife videography.

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