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North Beach Barbuda offers new secluded private rentals

North Beach Barbuda in the Caribbean is offering a new type of property rental . Located on a remote stretch accessed only by boat, lie five private beachside cottages free from day tripers and other guests, making it an ideal retreat for a group of friends or a large family to escape to.

North Beach Barbuda Cottage

Set on a long pinky-white beach, the cottages come with 23 acres in which guests can lose themselves. Pitched as a private sanctuary, there is no spa, no TV, no wifi, no child care – it’s all about enjoying the simple things in life, making the most of time together while staying in stylish accommodation. There are a selection of activities to keep everyone entertained such as kayaking and beach football.

North Beach Barbuda Cottage

Unlike other private rentals, you won’t need to lift a finger in regards to cooking or cleaning, as North Beach Barbuda’s owner Reuben James will be on hand. He’ll serve up traditional Caribbean cuisine every day, taking requests for dishes such as marinated lobster, mahi mahi or banana pancakes. There is also a well-stocked bar packed with local beers and Reuben’s famous rum punch.

This really is an alternative to most Caribbean getaways, making it a more intimate, more exclusive and more precious experience. To find out more about renting the cottages at North Beach Barbuda, call +1 268 721 3317 or visit the website.

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