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AVEQIA launches the Krug Kitchen, London

AVEQIA Krug Kitchen London

This month AVEQIA will launch the Krug Kitchen in its central London base, a stone’s throw from St. Pauls Cathedral. The concept marries group bonding, culinary education and fine dining juxtaposed with the palatable delights of the house of Krug. AVEQIA’s vision is for a small network of colleagues or friends to consult with experienced Michelin star chefs to create unique dishes using the freshest seasonal ingredients and then enjoy the fruits of their labour in the private, luxurious and comfortable surroundings of the Krug Kitchen.

AVEQIA Krug Kitchen London

This extraordinary and unforgettable cooking and dining experience will take you on a journey of the senses with guest-inspired gastronomic treats that elevate food pairing to new dimensions. Following dinner, guests can continue their experience at the private lounge bar where an extensive range of Krug champagnes await.

For more information visit the Krug Kitchen’s website.

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