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Bellini Week at L’Anima, London, 3-8 June 2013

To mark the start of the white peach season in Italy’s northern Emilia Romagna region, London’s award winning contemporary Italian restaurant and bar L’Anima is hosting Bellini Week where you can look forward to enjoying the finest cocktail in town.

L'Anima Bar

The Bellini, an Italian classic blending peach and Prosecco, relies on fresh white peaches which are only in season for a short period, usually May to August. Many variations of the original drink have emerged over the years using preserved puree or juice, however the original and best demands the ripest white peaches. L’Anima’s Bellini blends the peaches into a fresh puree while keeping the soft coloured skins on to give added colour and flavour. This is then spooned into a flute before slowly pouring over the Prosecco, ensuring it doesn’t foam. There’s no better way to enjoy the long summer evenings after a hard day at work.

For further information, please visit the L’Anima website or contact your Insignia Lifestyle Boutique personal assistant.

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