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Teroforma’s Whisky Stones come to Selfridges

Teroforma Whisky Stones

America’s popular Whisky Stones by the husband and wife team behind Teroforma, recently launched in the UK for the first time.

Andrew Hellman, co-founder of Teroforma, took inspiration for the Whisky Stones from a bag of loose stones found in his Swedish grandfather’s liquor cabinet. Simple and effective, they guarantee to chill your chosen drink (whether it’s whisky, rum, bourbon etc) without diluting or compromising its quality.

The stones, milled from Vermont Soapstone, are non-porous, odourless and flavour-free. Once chilled, add the stones to a dram and they promise to hold their cool temperature for up to 30 minutes. Never has the phrase ‘on the rocks’ been so appropriate!

Whisky Stones can be found in Selfridges in the UK, and are available online.

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