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SHA Wellness Clinic launches Fertility Success Program

SHA Wellness Team

Keen to offer guests a deeper level of medical and holistic service, SHA Wellness Clinic has teamed up with a top reproduction unit and created the Fertility Success Program for those struggling to conceive.

SHA Wellness Clinic Pool

The programme is divided into two parts: the first is all about assessing the current condition of participants before working out a wellbeing plan to help improve general health before the serious medical procedures starts. At SHA Wellness Clinic a series of general medical tests and gynaecological studies will be carried out, the results of which will help tailor the personal plan with a focus on diet, relaxation techniques, natural therapies and sessions. This way of living will be ingrained at the clinic before being used at home for two months prior to stage two.

SHA Wellness Cuisine

Stage two is when the reproduction clinic at the Clinica Vistahermosa Hospital and SHA Wellness Clinic experts assess how the patient has reacted to living according to their plan for the past two months, while embryos with donor oocytes are implanted. A new health plan is then drawn up with special emphasis on yoga, breathing and acupuncture, as well as treatments including aromatherapy and mud therapy. There will also be genetics testing and cooking classes to help ensure mums-to-be stay stay on a wholesome healthy path.

SHA Wellness Clinic Room

The Fertility Success Program is an interesting offer from SHA Wellness Clinic and promises to give those seeking help with their fertility advice, guidance and hopefully, working with the reproduction unit, the baby they long for.

For full details on the Fertility Success Program call +34 966 811 199 or visit the website.

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