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Hublot and Monster reveal Hublot Inspiration headphones

Fusing the highly regarded craftsmanship of Swiss brand Hublot and the technical prowess of American based audio giant Monster, the pair reveal the result of an innovative collaboration which is set to raise the standard when it comes to creating stylish, effective, luxurious headphones.

Hublot Inspiration

The Hublot Inspiration headphones encase Monster’s Pure Monster Sound™ and Enigma Audio Engine technology, which combine to deliver crisp and clear sound, free for external disruption. The noise cancelling headphones, which are compatible with almost any device, are made from black carbon fibre, making them incredibly lightweight and sleek, while cushioned leather pads the ears and keeps the music where it should be.

The Hublot Inspiration headphones will be available to buy from summer 2013. For more information email Monster directly or visit the website.

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