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Courvoisier to offer a taste of the 1920s at Harrods, 9-20 May 2013

To celebrate Baz Luhrmann’s silver screen adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, Courvoisier, the UK’s number one cognac brand, is teaming up with the iconic London department store to offer customers complimentary Brandy Crusta samples at their Great Gatsby Pop-Up and the main bar of the Harrods Wine Shop.

Courvoisier Brandy Crusta Harrods

The Brandy Crusta cocktail balances the warm spiciness of ginger cookies, dried plums and roasted coffee in the Courvoisier Exclusif with sharp lemon, orange curaçao and bitters. Whilst sipping on these tasty beverages, customers can relive the glitz and the glamour of the roaring twenties as the Food Halls are reinvigorated to capture the flamboyance and the pomp of the era where prosperity and indulgence reigned supreme.

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