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Chopard unveils renovated boutique in Selfridges, London

Chopard has brought its latest design concept to its home in The Wonder Room in Selfridges.

Chopard Boutique, Selfridges

Designed by Thierry Despont, the man behind the brand’s original redesign of the House of Chopard on Madison Avenue in 2007, the new point of sale boutique has been finished in a classic style, beautifully displaying all of Chopard’s luxury goods.

Floors, finishings and cabinets are made from light oak, while soft leathers, fine silk and velvet adorn the seats and interiors. It’s a comfortable and charming place for shoppers to experience and explore the world of Chopard.

Visit the new boutique in The Wonder Room, Selfridges. For more information visit the Selfridges’ website.

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