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Insignia Loves: Luxury Moisturisers For Him

Following on from our Top 10 Shaving Must-Haves For Him, we’ve tried and tested a host of products specially created to moisturise and care for male skin. Below is the pick of our favourite from lotions to creams, between them tackling wrinkles, protecting, cleansing and hydrating. Don’t just take our word for it; try them for yourself!

1. Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator, Aesop

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator

From one of Australia’s most popular luxury skincare brands comes this milky lotion rich in essential lavender, bergamot and cedar wood oils, while the key ingredient, parsley seed oil, is known for its healing qualities. The gentle herby scent is made up not only from the oils mentioned but a wealth of other specially considered plant-based ingredients, which work together to leave skin supple, clean and ready to face the world.

2. IV His Eyes Only, Carol Joy

Carol Joy IV His Eyes Only

This cleverly named cream has been formulated to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the fragile skin of men’s eyes. Caffeine acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, tightening and awakening eyes, while the vitamin rich golden millet oil nourishes and hydrates deep down to reveal a youthful, radiant and wide awake glow.

3. Revitalising Moisturiser, The Refinery

The Refinery Revitalising Moisturiser

The clue is very much in the title with this soft cream from the makers of this luxurious male-dedicated skincare range. Vitamin C, creatin and sandalwood work with various essential oils to create a deeply moisturising, anti-ageing product that plumps, hydrates and illuminates dull skin. It also has a warming scent that enlivens the skin and the soul.

4. ManCave Moisturiser

ManCave Moisturiser

This silky cream is designed be a harmonious one-stop-shop for gents looking to soothe, protect and moisturise their skin. It describes itself as “the ‘swiss army knife’ of grooming”, given its ability to nourish, restore, protect against sun damage, and stimulate for a bright, firm finish. Its secret lies in the carefully selected blend of natural ingredients, from vitamin E and eucalyptus, to shea butter, caffeine and more.

5. Moisture Cream For Men, Weleda

Weleda Moisture Cream for Men

This light organic cream absorbs easily making it ideal for use day or night. It’s been specially formulated in Weleda’s pharmaceutical laboratory from plants grown in its own medicinal garden, to hydrate and heal sensitive skin. Essential oils including jojoba and sesame seed mix with beeswax and witch hazel for the perfect, wholesome naturally scented moisturiser.

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