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OptiC GMT Véloce: the Swiss watch of mobile phones

Celsius X VI II is the brainchild of founders Thomas Pruvot and Romaric Andre, the first in the world to design and produce mechanical mobile phones. It was born out of an idea Thomas conceived on a flight from Paris to New York in 2005, when he became frustrated at losing the time display when switching off his mobile phone.

Celsius X VI II OptiC Veloce GMT

Since then, Celsius X VI II has been blurring the lines between outstanding horology design, mobile telecommunication technology and finely crafted pieces of artistic beauty.

Celsius X VI II OptiC Veloce GMT

The latest edition to their impressive collection is the OptiC GMT Véloce, a sleek, all-black PVD-treated titanium offering with carbon fibre inserts. The design is an evolution of their patented butterfly winding system and features an innovative Image Guiding System making the date numbers appear on a pixelated screen as though emerging from nowhere and a magnifying effect on the hour numerals of the dual time-zone display.

Find out more about Celsius X VI II and the OptiC GMT Véloce online.

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