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Piz Buin launches innovative Wet Skin protection

Yesterday saw Piz Buin host the UK launch of its latest innovation Wet Skin, at the stylish Haymarket Hotel with syncronised swimmers, fruity cocktails and a truly tropical theme.

Unlike other sun protection products, Wet Skin has been specially formulated to be applied directly to wet skin, ensuring you remain protected when hopping out of the pool or strolling back from the sea. The time spent drying before reapplying protection is often the most dangerous, which is why Piz Buin wanted to create an easy and effective spray to combat burning and exposure during this period.

Wet Skin SPF 15 Piz Buin

Light weight and non-greasy, it creates an impenetrable barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays, while Vitamin E provides a rich and moisturising antioxidant. Available in SPF 15 and 30, it’s also a hassle free alternative to the more traditional cream and sprays which often run off wet skin, or leave white streaky marks. It can also be applied to dry skin making it an all-in-one necessity for this year’s holiday.

Dr Sue Mayou, an independent consultant dermatologist, was on hand to explain the importance of using such a product and why it’s revolutionary in the world of sun protection: “know your limits; ensure you are sensible in the sun and use a high sun protection factor at all times.”

Look out for Piz Buin’s Wet Skin in stores across the UK from March onwards.

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