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In the spotlight: London’s School of Wok

Located on the fringe of London’s Chinatown, the School of Wok is a delightful cookery school where interactive classes guide everyone from novices to the more adept around the pitfalls of cooking Oriental and Asian cuisine.

School of Wok - Jeremy Pang

Founded and run by the infectiously friendly chef Jeremy Pang, it’s a haven for those who perhaps own a wok but have no idea what to do with it. More than that, it’s a place where people who love to cook and eat fine Asian food can learn new things in safe, expert wok-wielding, hands.

School of Wok

Jeremy is a welcoming host not to mention an excellent teacher, who quickly puts you at ease and builds your confidence in the kitchen. The emphasis, at least in the Quickfire Wok session we tried, is very much on how to cook with a wok: it teaches control of heat and movement, helping you become quite the wok whisperer.

It takes you through the techniques needed to create delicious dishes such as the spicy Sichuan chicken we made. All ingredients are prepped and ready to go before you arrive, but if it’s a longer session you’re after, Jeremy leads a variety of classes that delve much deeper into the art of cooking Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian or Malaysian food, from buying the right veggies to presentation.

School of Wok

The school recently joined forces with a A Grape Night In, the brainchild of wine-loving pros Kiki and Laura who are determined to bring an alternative edge to traditional wine tasting. A Grape Night In will be hosting wine pairing sessions during a selection of special classes at the school during Chinese New Year.

It’s not always easy to find things that are thoroughly engaging, genuinely fun and educational, yet School of Wok has it all. Whether you’re keen to try something a bit different or simply want to get to grips with how to cook Asian food authentically, give Jeremy a call and let him welcome you to the School of Wok, you won’t regret.

If you fancy giving one of Jeremy’s classes a go, call +44 20 7240 8818 or visit the website for more information. The School of Wok is working closely with Cathay Pacific to promote fine Chinese cuisine in the run up to Chinese New Year. If you’re feeling really inspired, head to Hong Kong and spend Chinese New Year trying as many dishes as you like. Don’t miss Cathay Pacific’s premium economy sale.

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