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Escape to the exclusive Silver Island Yoga retreat

Janet Jackson once sang “what have you done for me lately?”, but surely the question should be “what have you done for yourself lately?” It’s been proven (or at least, we’re going to pretend it has) that treating yourself is beneficial to your health, which is why we believe indulgence should be practised as often as possible.

Silver Island Yoga Retreat, Greece

Privately owned for more than 50 years, Silver Island in Greece’s azure Aegean Sea is offering limited access for those seeking inner peace and tranquillity. With a maximum capacity of only 12 people in a six-bedroom family home, the Silver Island Yoga retreat offers you the opportunity to have an entire 60 acre island to yourself to unwind and recharge.

Silver Island Yoga Retreat, Greece

The resort is secluded, untouched and scenic presenting the ideal setting for a relaxing hideaway. You can stroll along pebbled beaches or olive tree lined paths, bathe in crystal clear waters or visit the historic church and lighthouse, feel the warmth of the sun in your hammock or use the serene environment as inspiration to write or paint.

Silver Island Yoga Retreat, Greece
A stay at Silver Island Yoga includes: full board and accommodation with meals served under a large palm tree on the terrace, transfers, yoga classes, complementary kayaks and equipment for snorkelling.

Silver Island Yoga Retreat, Greece

For more information or to book, contact the organiser Claire Christie directly.

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