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YOGAqua promises the ultimate combined workout

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a keen-to-learn newbie, the popular craze that is YOGAqua is great fun for all.

YOGAqua 1

Taking the traditional practices and poses of yoga onto a paddleboard forces you to use muscles you wouldn’t otherwise trouble. Being able to perform the upward facing dog while balancing on the paddleboard on water is quite the skill, let alone standing up to do your down dog split without ending up in the – albeit calm – Aegean sea. Poses have to be aligned just perfectly for even weight distribution on the boards, so you won’t only be benefiting from a challenging class, but also improving in-studio yoga practices as well.


It’s open to any and all abilities, teaching you step-by-step how to master standing on the paddleboard as well as the various yoga poses. The class is taken in groups of five or six people and lasts for 90 minutes.

Beach, Aegean Sea

Sarah Tiefenthaler, a trained yoga instructor and founder of YOGAqua, will personally train the hotels instructors and guarantees that after only one class you will leave feeling strong, refreshed, exhilarated, and inspired.

YOGAqua will be available exclusively for guests of the Skiathos Princess Hotel and the Aegean Suites Hotel between May and October 2013. For more information contact the hotels directly:

Skiathos Princess Hotel +30 242 7049 9731

Aegean Suites Hotel +30 242 7024 6669

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