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In the spotlight: Thomas Flohr and VistaJet

VistaJet, the leader in business aviation, recently announced its record-breaking order with exclusive partner Bombardier. The $7.8billion deal is the largest single transaction in the history of business aviation, and sets VistaJet’s sights on 10 years of aggressive growth and expansion with its promise to ‘Think Global’.

The deal

Investing in Bombardier’s Global aircraft family, the order initially includes 56 jets: 25 Global 5000, 25 Global 6000 and 6 Global 8000. There are options within the deal for a further 86 jets as well: 40 Global 5000, 40 Global 6000 and 6 Global 8000.

Global 6000 Bombardier, VistaJet

The Global range suits VistaJet’s customers’ needs with wide and spacious cabins, and the ability to fly point to point around the world, making journeys shorter and more efficient for the busy business travellers they accommodate. The jewel in the crown of this deal appears to be the Global 6000, capable of fast long-range flight in the upmost luxury. VistaJet is also the first commercial operator of the Global 6000.

The VistaJet story

Founded in 2004 by Thomas Flohr, the company soared to success and recently celebrated delivery of its 50th aircraft from Bombardier. But it’s the people who fly with VistaJet that help make the it what it is, and very much define its path for growth. Flohr responds to the needs of today’s businessmen and women by ensuring his aircraft fly to and from the destinations that matter the most.

Interior VistaJet

While Hong Kong, London, New York and other western capitals remain popular business centres, it’s the push into emerging markets that’s driving Flohr’s plans. Mongolia, China, Russia and Africa are proving to be some of the most lucrative destinations, and Flohr sees it as his “mission to change the perception that this is a western centric world”.

Interior VistaJet

A premium service lies at the core of VistaJet’s offer, with flexibility, familiarity and reliability all key. It’s easy to feel very far from home especially when travelling in some of the more remote areas of the world, which is why VistaJet seeks to offer people a ‘home from away from home’ coupled with the certainty that the jet will be there, ready and waiting at time that suits the customer.

Thomas Flohr, VistaJet

Investing in his team, his fleet and the customers he so clearly delights in satisfying, Thomas Flohr is ready to lead VistaJet through the next decade with all the flair, gusto and determination required.

For more information on VistaJet’s services visit the website or call its UK base on +44 20 7060 5700.

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