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SHA Wellness Clinic launches innovative new iPad app

Spain’s number one clinic for health and wellbeing has launched an innovative, all encompassing iPad app for guests staying at its luxury residence.

SHA Wellness Clinic

The first of its kind, the app is designed to put guests’ experiences in their own hands, which is why you will also be given an iPad upon check-in to ensure you can make the most of this new facility if you do not have your own. The app is divided into five sections: SHAMy SHASHA TVWellness and Out of SHA.

SHA Wellness Clinic iPad App

SHA is all about the clinic, sharing videos, treatment info, a timetable of SHA’s Life Learning Programme events, and a professional directory. There is also an online treatment booking system and a chance to send in reviews of therapies and/or doctors.

My SHA contains all your personal information, while SHA TV features SHA’s YouTube videos on wellbeing, the clinic and its philosophy. Wellness includes recipes from the in-house SHAMADI restaurant, as well as details about macrobiotics and living a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, Out of SHA is for when you need to keep in touch with the world outside, connecting you to  newspapers, magazines and information about the surrounding area. You can find out about local services such as hiring bike, boat excursions and golfing.

For more information on the SHA Wellness Clinic, visit the website.

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