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QMS Medicosmetics launches new Body Performance Duo

The leading name in regenerative skincare is adding to its collection of products with the Body Performance Duo.

Body Performance Duo, QMS MedicosmeticsThe Body Performance Duo consists of a Pro-Body Exfoliator and Revitalising Lift-o-Firm body serum. The exfoliator uses its micro-fine particles, Malachite extracts and essential oils to scour off dead skin and impurities, leaving skin soft and smooth. The enriched body serum then targets problem areas such as the stomach and upper arms. It uses bitter orange extract which acts as a fat burner to shape and firm skin’s appearance.

QMS Medicosmetics was founded by Dr. med. Erich Schulte, a cosmetic surgeon and skincare specialist who wanted to create a range of products that actually made a difference. He blends high quality ingredients with science and technology to ensure everyday skincare is simple and effective.

Used together the duo promise to leave skin cleansed, moisturised and toned, just in time for all those impending Christmas parties.

For more information on QMS Medicosmetics and its new Body Performance Duo, visit the website.

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