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Paradis Hotel & Golf Club Mauritius launches Junior Golf Academy

Paradis Hotel & Golf Club, Mauritius, Junior Golf Academy

Get your little ones up to par with the help of the Paradis Hotel & Golf Club’s recently launched Junior Golf Academy. Private professional coaches are ready and waiting to help young golfers improve their game and perfect their technique, while state-of-the-art video software is on-hand to aid with pitching and putting. Families can also take advantage of the club house, with refreshments specially tailored to tired and weary mini-golfers.

Paradis Hotel & Golf Club, Mauritius

The Paradis Golf Club has an impressive 18-hole course, suitable for both professional and amateur golfers, which juts out into the pristine bay. It’s 5,924 meters long, comes complete with ample exotic scenery and is claimed to be one of the most beautiful courses in Mauritius. The club’s golf academy offers various private coaching sessions, not only to children, but also to beginners or seasoned players in need of some fine tuning.

Paradis Hotel & Golf Club, Mauritius, Presidential Villa

There are many other creature comforts to be found at the luxury resort, including private accommodation, such as the Presidential Villa pictured above, and numerous activities including gym classes, windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving and football.

Paradis Hotel & Golf Club, Mauritius, Presidential Villa

For more information on the Paradis Hotel & Golf Club’s Junior Golf Academy, visit the website or call +44 1483 445 621.

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