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Experience traditional Swiss therapies at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

If the aches and pains of impending winter are getting you down or you simply feel like a well deserved time out, head to the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in the beautiful rural surroundings of the Swiss Alps.

Tamina Therme, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Located in the Tamina Gorge with a natural thermal spring at its heart, the resort focuses on harnessing wellness through food, exercise and treatments.

At the core is the resort’s 36.5° Wellbeing & Thermal Spa, which is now offering therapies using traditional Swiss monastic medicine. This centuries’ old technique uses medical herbs from the surrounding mountains to boost the immune system and help alleviate a wide variety of troubles such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.

Before any treatment is given, you will receive a full medical and physical examination by one of the specialist medics to ensure the treatment is tailored to your specific needs. The therapies available include phyto therapy, relaxation therapy and oxygen therapy, all infused with herbal extracts.

Tamina Therme, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Naturally, standard spa treatments are also on offer such as the 90 minute honey massage, Shiatsu and relaxing in the healing waters of the therme spa.

If you find the great outdoors calling, there are plenty of activities to enjoy including golf, hiking, mountain biking and tennis. This luxury mountain retreat also comes fully equipped with a selection of shops and gourmet dining options.

To find out more about the traditional Swiss monastic treatments and the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, visit the website.

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