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Art of Creation: The Cassettiera ‘700 from Promemoria

Desirable. Stylish. Sophisticated.

No three words describe the work of fine Italian furniture producer Promemoria any better. The family run business has a long history of designing and building truly beautiful stand-out pieces, so we decided to crawl under the skin of just how one of its signature and most popular designs is created as part of our #ArtofCreation series.

Cassttiera '700 Promemoria

The Cassettiera ‘700 chest of drawers was a natural choice owing to its simple elegance. Arguably unremarkable in terms of form, what makes it so special is the exquistely rare finish on the handmade frame. This piece could happily fill a plain room because it is so very full of character.


The original design of the chest began life in this humble sketch by Promemoria founder, Romeo Sozzi. The frame, drawers, top and legs are constructed by hand from raw wood, while the inside is lined with soft white leather branded with the Promemoria logo.

Galuchat Cassttiera '700 Promemoria

Attention then turns to the skilled process of coating the chest in 40 eye-catching sheets of stingray leather, or galuchat. Taking inspiration from the early Japanese who first used fish skin to coat sabers and precious gifts, using galuchat is an historic craft which requires great care and a steady hand. Each piece is marked with a rough outline, before being precisely cut to fit the chest’s shape and size.

Galuchat Cassttiera '700 Promemoria

They are then attached to the bare wood of the chest with spray glue, and finished with a clear coat to reignite the shine of the leather.

Galuchat Cassttiera '700 Promemoria

Upright, with drawers in and brass knobs on, the stunning Cassettiera ‘700 is then complete.

The Cassettiera ‘700, which takes four days to construct, is available in a variety of coloured galuchat finishes. For more information on Promemoria and the Cassettiera ‘700, visit the website or call +44 20 7730 2514.

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