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Art of Creation: The Aequs Tub from William Holland

Recently featured in our Top 10 from Decorex, we’ve been unable to forget the beautiful handcrafted tubs of William Holland, instead delving into how these truly desirable and exquisitely luxurious baths are made for this month’s #ArtofCreation.

William Holland - Aequs

With five styles, seven internal and 10 external finishes to choose from, deciding which of the striking tubs to feature has been the hardest part. However, this classic aequs style bath with cuprosa (copper) finish and enamel lining really stood out; who wouldn’t want one of these?

William Holland sheet-metal-and-cutting

Each tub starts its life as a sheet of pure copper. The design is applied to the sheeting before being cut out and made ready or the next stage of shaping, welding and brazing.

William Holland - shaping

Every aspect of a William Holland tub is handmade, relying solely on expert touch and a hammer to create the necessary shape. Once all the parts have been moulded, they are fused together through a process of welding and brazing before going back under the hammer to work out any unwanted kinks.

William Holland - grinding

Now welded together, the copper needs a little TLC to smooth rough edges or raised joints. The grinding and linishing process sees the tub carefully worked to remove all hammer marks and sharp edges.

William Holland - polishing

Finally the tub heads for the specially perfected polishing process, which sees the entire bath polished inside and out, seven times. Firstly a sisal mop removes any imperfections that may have arisen during linishing. A cotton mop and coarse polish are then used to strip back impurities and bring out the copper’s shine. These two steps are repeated three times before the final polish is applied by hand, and the body is complete. At least, it is in this instance as the tub pictured has opted for this copper finish, however, tinning, nikel plating and gold leafing are just some of the other external finish options available.

William Holland - enamel

For the enamel interior, a smoothing primer is added before an epoxy stoving primer which acts as a base coat for the enamel to cling to. This is followed by three spray coats of marine grade epoxy enamel paint. Although white is a traditional choice, William Holland has a wide variety of coloured enamels as well, including black, red, blue, green… the list goes on.

William Holland William Holland William Holland 

The nature of how each tub is loving created and individually personalised is what makes William Holland baths so very special. To find out more and see the full range of options available visit the company’s website.

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