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In the spotlight: Karolin Troubetzkoy and Jade Mountain St. Lucia

Jade Mountain

Karolin Troubetzkoy is no ordinary working woman. Voted Caribbean Hotelier of the Year in June 2012, Karolin co-owns Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, two of the most respected and innovative retreats on picture perfect St. Lucia. As well as being a master hotelier and marketing expert, German-born Karolin speaks four languages fluently and is actively involved in the local St. Lucian community. Even meeting at the end of what had been a hectic work trip, Karolin lit up when we started discussing Jade Mountain, St. Lucia and the Caribbean island she’s called home for the past two and a half decades.

Starting at the beginning, Karolin explained how Jade Mountain grew out of the imagination of her architect husband, Nick. In the early 1970s Nick purchased Anse Chastanet, a natural resort overlooking the UNESCO Piton peaks and two protected marine reserves. Keen to expand, Nick embarked on an ambitious extension which resulted in the creation of Jade Mountain, a new super-luxe retreat which opened its doors, or more accurately its bridges, in December 2006.

Resting 600 meters above Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain has that certain something extra which makes it that little bit more private and that little bit more personal than its predecessor below. Revolutionary in terms of design and concept, Karolin explains that Nick wanted to showcase local building talent and ability, free from major European influences and techniques. Constructed from local and natural materials, Jade Mountain is a working sculpture; a living piece of art, testament to local craftsmen and Nick’s boundless creativity.

Jade Mountain Star Infinity Sanctuary

Jade Mountain is divided in to a number of sanctuaries and suites, each immaculately designed with its own living, sleeping and pool or Jacuzzi area. You won’t find a TV, radio or phone though, only a device allowing you to contact room service. This ties in with the ethos of escapism, where the experience is the real treat. Time well spent is becoming more and more of a luxury, and Jade Mountain guarantees to make sure you eat, sleep and play ‘well’.

Jade Mountain Jacuzzi Suite

The core principle of wellness means there is a huge variety of culinary, spa and yoga experiences, not to mention its very own organic plantation which supplies both resorts with fresh salad, herbs and vegetables.

Jade Mountain Chef on Wheels

Karolin explains that guests have been known to stay cocooned in their private sanctuaries for their entire trip, which presented a new challenge for her team who needed to keep room service alive and menus exciting. As a result, various concepts were created such as Chef on Wheels, where the executive chef visits your sanctuary and prepares a meal for two in the comfort of your own personal, holiday bubble.

Anse Chastanet Scuba

For those who fancy venturing outside activities are available at both Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, such as scuba diving, sunset cruises, mountain biking and jungle yoga. Jade Mountain also offers exclusive activities like in sanctuary scuba diving, for newbies to learn the basics in the privacy of their own sanctuary’s pool. The resort hosts various other events such as the chocolate festival, 13 – 16 December, with a weekend of treats including a ‘chocolat-tini’ party and a tour around the resort’s cacao plantation.

Jade Mountain Terrace

Posing what I knew would be a difficult question, I asked Karolin what her personal favorite experience at Jade Mountain is, which she laughingly replied was “very difficult to choose”. Karolin confessed she has a particular soft spot for the Monday night cocktail parties: “It’s the one time everyone comes together. I like meeting all of the guests, and I greatly enjoy the acoustic guitar session later in the evening.” Karolin also confided that the Celestial Terrace at night was a must; somewhere to take a drink, sit back and “see more shooting stars than you’d ever imagine.”

Romantic, private and undeniably peaceful, Jade Mountain offers the perfect environment to either relax and stay utterly secluded, or use as a base to immerse yourself in the resort and area. Having worked with her husband to create this living breathing sanctuary, it is easy to understand why Karolin is so passionate and genuinely enthusiastic, not only about Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, but about the people and her belief in St. Lucia as a destination with so much to offer.

Take a tour around Jade Mountain and see for yourself:

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Karolin Troubetzkoy

As well as co-owning Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, Karolin is the Chairperson of the Marketing Committee of the St. Lucia Tourist Board, President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, third Vice President of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Honorary Consul for Germany in St. Lucia. Karolin is also patron of the Cerebral Palsy Association, and actively involved with the local community, from charity work and fundraising, to art and cultural projects.




If you’d like to find out more or book a stay in one of the idyllic sanctuaries, visit Jade Mountain’s website.

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