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Bina Goenka leads the trend for “passion” jewellery

Bina Goenka is the internationally acclaimed designer and founder of the über-luxe Bina Goenka jewellery brand. Bina’s brand is built upon the ideology of bespoke jewellery that is produced exclusively for individual clients as a reflection of their personal preferences and tastes. As each piece is tailor made, Bina has a strict ‘by-appointment’ policy that extends to a select group of international VIPs and celebrities, from film stars to music industry figures, diplomats and even royalty.

Bina Goenka

It is perhaps no coincidence that Bina’s rise to prominence has coincided with a gradual cultural shift in investment mentality among the wealthy. Traditionally, investments have been directed towards property, stocks, financial assets and commodities. In the last decade however, more and more affluent style-aware investors are turning towards “treasure assets” to diversify their portfolio. Classic cars, antiques, fine wines and art are among the most common treasure investments. Their attraction is twofold: they represent a sound financial investment, with many outperforming more traditional financial investments, but crucially they have an emotional berth founded on the subjective values of the individual buyer.

Bina has identified this emerging alternative trend for investment and built her model of “passion jewellery” around it. As she remarks, “Today when people invest in a passion purchase they look to own something that adds flamboyance to their lifestyle, alongside satisfying their need for a long-term asset. Luxury jewellery tantalises investors as it can make them feel like they own modern art whilst ensuring that they receive a safe return on their investment”.

Bina Goenka

Currently, wealthy individuals hold an average of 9.6% of their total net worth in treasure assets but this is a figure that has been steadily increasing as financial assets struggle to perform. Gold continues to rise in value in contrast to the economic downturn and is up five-fold in the past decade. Whilst most luxury items depreciate over time, jewellery and diamonds in particular appreciate and have more intrinsic value than cars or property. The fact that the jewellery totalled $65 billion in 2010 despite the aftermath of the financial collapse tends to support the argument that investors are turning towards passion jewellery with Bina Goenka’s creations at the forefront as a pioneer in the in the international fashion jewellery fraternity.

Bina Goenka

Bina’s jewellery resonates with the craftsmanship synonymous with her country of birth, India, but has a truly international flavour. Bina says her latest collection is “Cleopatra revisited!… grand and opulent in design; yet light in weight and fluid in nature [it] makes the wearer feel weightless – a luxury which feels like part of your own skin”.

Bina Goenka

Bina liaises personally with potential clients globally, with designs taking up to six months to complete. Time that she feels is more than worth the while in creating a stunning statement piece or treasured keepsake.

Bina’s pieces are made from pure gold and white gold all infused with precious stones. Her jewellery is sculpted to create a tempting array of precious pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets and wedding jewellery. Bina describes her brand as “dramatic, modern and futuristic – designs which far outlive trends”.

Bina’s list of notable credits includes being a founder member of the WJA (Women’s Jewellery Association); a spokesperson at a FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) panel discussion on the emergence of designer jewellery and future prospects of the category; and being a judge at various high-profile awards ceremonies. In addition, she has participated in several jewellery exhibitions and fashion shows, as well as staging her own successful exhibitions.

For more information on Bina Goenka, visit her website.

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