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Secret Me launches Luxury Spy Skills Course

Secret MeThe exclusive invitation-only programme takes clients into a world of espionage and exhilaration with this specially designed three-part course.

Phase one, The Camp, flies clients to a stately home in the UK where, over three days, they are taught the initial skills to help them move into phase two, Mission Training.

Successful clients are then taken overseas where they spend five days developing and testing the skills they learned in phase one. Those that complete phase two are then eligible for phase three, The Mission, which starts a few months later.

Finer details of the final part are kept secret, but clients are whisked away for a weeklong exercise where they are required to put all of the training and skills they learned in phases one and two into practice.

No espionage escapade would be complete without a touch of glamour, however. As well as learning about shooting, kidnap, escapology and threat elimination clients will also, in true James Bond style, master the art of seduction and persuasion. They will be educated in the different types of poison, how best to play poker and spot a ‘tell’. They will even be taught how to dress to impress by a top Savile Row tailor.

Promising an authentic and intense experience, the Secret Me programme includes plenty of time for clients to relax and enjoy their luxurious surroundings before being brought home, providing they complete the course.

Secret Me was established by former members of the Special Forces in collaboration with luxury industry experts. As well as being an unforgettable experience, the course aims to boost confidence, encourage competitveness and teach skills which can be applied to various aspects of clients’ everyday lives.

Sara Fazlali, CEO of Secret Me, says: ‘this course is designed to give a unique and enjoyable insight into the world of spy craft. The programme is designed to inspire self-confidence and hone toughness, agility and sophistication.’

To request an invitation, speak to your Lifestyle Boutique Assistant or visit

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