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Il Palio, Siena, 2 Jul & 16 Aug 2012

Il Palio is a traditional, breakneck horse race that takes place in the stone cobbled courtyard of Siena, a medieval town in Italy’s charming Tuscan region.

The Palio Horse Race in Italy was run for the first time in 1701 to honor the patroness and advocate of Siena. Today it is a historical tradition which attracts hundreds of people from around the world.

The race takes place in the Camp square which has the shape of a Roman amphitheater and is the only race to have survived over the generations. All around the track visitors are able to watch the event from seating which are perched against the houses along with windows and balconies that have been made ready particularly for the event.

The parade preceding the race provides visitors with a very lively display of some of the most beautiful medieval costumes sating back to the 1400s, with the procession winding its way around the square.

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