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Virgen del Rosario Bull Running, Cuellar, 1 September 2011

The daily bull-running in the small town of Cuellar is the highlight of the Fiesta de Nuestra Senora del Rosario festivities taking place on 1 September this year.

Virgen Rosario Bull Running

In the morning the bulls are released on the banks of the Cega River and driven across the country into the town of Cuellar. The horseback herders stop along the way to fortify themselves with cakes and aniseed liqueur before arriving into town to the hysteric roars of people waiting to run alongside the bulls. Whilst awaiting their arrival the locals perform a traditional dance while singing ‘a por ellos’ the town’s local hymn.

The celebration and feast brings the locals together who revel in music, homemade cakes and sweets, concerts and children’s parades. It might not hit the glamorous heights of walking down the red carpet of a high profile event, but it is certainly a more culturally enriched and unique experience that everyone should try once.

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